Does Anyone Remember the Graffiti on the Old School Roof?

Old School Roof

In September of 1940, the Bloomfield Central School students moved from the old school building on Main Street into their new building on Oak Mount Avenue.  Although the new school faced Oak Mount, the commonly used entrance was to the rear and faced the backside of the old school building. It’s not surprising then that the slate roof of the old building, in sight of all who exited the new building, would become the billboard on which seniors painted their year of graduation sometime in the spring of that year.  It was considered graffiti at the time, but it has become historically interesting.

When this prank or tradition started is not known but the photo above, with an enlarged inset, taken in the winter of 1946-47 clearly shows the years 1946, 1945, and 1944.  Other markings, with smaller sized numbers, could be 1943, 1942, 1941 and 1940.  Paul Bullock, Class of 1947, remembers helping his older brother Cal, Class of 1946, and others paint “1946” on the roof.  Dick Rayburn, Class of 1947, remembers painting “1947” with the help of others.  The old school was used as the Town Hall for a few years and subsequently torn down.

The photo was taken by Bob or Cal Bullock in the winter of 1946-47.  Bob’s 1929 Dodge sedan is at the bottom right.  The building with the stack is the heating plant for the new school.  The school bus garage with 5 doors is also in that building.  The heating plant and garage are still there.

Some questions for the readers of this article:

         When was the old building demolished?

         Did your class paint their year on the slate roof?

         Do you remember seeing the dates painted on the roof?

         Do you have photos that show the painted numbers?

If you have answers to these questions please contact me at:

Paul Bullock, Class of 1947
May 27, 2013

Other Related Photos

The new BCS building from the parking lot.  Bob and his 1929 Dodge.  Taken in the winter of 1946-47.  
BCS from Oak Mount
The front of the new BCS building from Oak Mount Ave.  Taken in the winter of 1946-47.  Note the cupola of the old building to the right of the new building.
BCS Rear
The rear of the new building, the rear of the old building and the heating plant.  Taken in the winter of 1946-47.
Old Building Front
The old school building from Main Street when it was the Town Hall.  My mother, Mary Rector Bullock, wrote on the back of this print, "Old School House, erected in 1908, demolished in 1962."